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The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is a public research university in Birmingham, Alabama and is a member of the Conference USA NCAA - sanctioned sports. Alabama State has two big teams in the spotlight during the football season. The U does not support Gallatin Street in Huntsville, AL 35801, and is not affiliated with the Alabama State University System or the University at Alabama System of Higher Education.

The University's sports department was founded in 1978 by legendary basketball coach Gene Bartow, who led the Blazers to the 1982 NCAA men's tournament, held in Birmingham at the BJCC. UAB began its football program in 1984 and joined the NCAA Division III in 1991, and the Great Midwest became Conference USA in 1995. For several years, the Trailblazers regularly competed against nationally known programs like Alabama State, Alabama Tech, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Alabama.

In non-conference, UAB has struggled with states like Alabama State, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Alabama Tech and Georgia State. The 2020 schedule will be overseen by the Blazers' new athletic director and head coach, Chris Jones. February and March will see games at the BJCC, while Uab will return to its campus stadium at the start of the minor league season. Getting fans for the opening game on September 2 is a big step as UBIA seeks to revive its program.

If Coach Clark stays at UAB, the Blazers can expect to continue to make history with their football program. Although the men's basketball program in Uab is largely overshadowed, their women have themselves achieved success in recent years.

In just 34 years of basketball, UAB has 31 winning seasons, including a record 664 wins, the second-most in school history. In men's basketball, they also have a long history with Auburn, where Auburn holds the current series advantage with six straight wins. The Blazers have amassed a 5-1 record against the Tigers in the regular season, giving them a 2-0 series lead and a six-game winning streak. This is the first time in program history that Uab has played in a conference-less game at Auburn, and the only time ever.

B Bartow Arena, UAB itself gained national recognition the following year, when the team won 23-9, won the Sun Belt Conference and qualified for the NCAA tournament. The Blazers "first-ever victory against a top-10 team came on November 5, 2004, when 3,141 fans watched the Blazers beat Clemson 2-1 in front of a capacity of 2,743 fans at the stadium. In the first game of the 2012-13 season, they defeated UTSA 1-0, winning their seventh game of the season, setting the school record for most wins in a season since the FBS program was introduced.

The Blazers won the NCAA tournament the following season, 102-100, against the University of Washington. UAB won its division in Conference USA, and the Blazers also won the Conference Championship Game.

UAB has added a men's cross-country skiing team from the 2015 / 16 school year, maintaining the school's department I status. The NCAA granted UAB permission to join the NCAA Division FBS - Level Football for the 2016-17 season as a member of Mountain West Conference and Conference USA. When it officially returns to the field in the fall of 2017, Uab will be eligible for a second consecutive season and a bowl - eligible for four consecutive years.

TMS Huntsville is a research center and member of the University of Alabama System of Higher Education (UAB) and Alabama State University System (ASU), which serves Huntsville as the No.

Passport Health's clinic in Birmingham serves the general public by providing first-class medical care in Birmingham, Huntsville, Madison and Decatur, as well as other parts of the state. North Alabama and the Lower Tennessee Valley, including the cities of Huntsville and Madison - Dec. Alabama's largest city is Birmingham, with more than 1.5 million residents, and Huntsville is one of the fastest growing cities in Alabama.

As part of the UAB Health System, Uab Medicine in Huntsville is the leading outpatient facility in this part of the state for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Psychiatry part of the UAB health system, it bears the name of one of the leading outpatient facilities for the treatment of psychiatric disorders in Alabama.

The UAB School of Medicine has always been one of the top 10 medical schools in the nation for the treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders.

In just 33 years of basketball, UAB has had 29 winning seasons and a 6-1 record in the Conference and 2-0 in the NCAA. The Blazers have reached the Final Four of the WNBA Women's Basketball Tournament three times in a row, including the 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 championships. Since the women's basketball program began in 2002-03 with a men's team of 11 players and a coach, the Blazers have won four conference titles and made it to two NCAA Final Fours and two NIT appearances. In just 34 years since they began, they have had a 29-win season, four conference titles, one NCAA title and three NCAA Division II championships, as well as the 2010 NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship.

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