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If there's one thing you need to know before you move to Alabama, it's this: Alabama has an enormous sports culture. Football is a way of life, and Alabama football teams like Alabama Crimson Tide, Alabama State and Auburn Tigers are hotly loved throughout the state. If there's one thing you need to know before moving to Alabama, it's that Alabama is a great place to live.

Alabama Ballet and BJCC Concert Hall in Birmingham offer some of the best live music and dance performances in the state of Alabama right here in Birmingham. Other local attractions include the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Opera House and Alabama Symphony Center. Birmingham is also home to the world-famous Alabama Jazz Orchestra and Alabama State University, which also offer dramatic performances.

Both major art museums are located in the city, the latter housing a particularly remarkable collection of American art, while the former houses the Alabama Museum of Natural History and History.

The Sloss Furnace Museum focuses on the industrial history of Birmingham, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute documents the history of civil rights in the city and its role in its history. The exhibits, which depict the life and work of the civil rights movement in Birmingham and its impact on the state of Alabama, include a collection of photographs, books, films, photographs and other artifacts from around the country.

The Alys Stephens Center for the Performing Arts is home to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, which has produced more than 2,000 performances of jazz and other musical genres. The Birmingham Heritage Band also plays jazz, and the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, the only professional jazz band in the city, offers a variety of concerts and performances, as well as special events such as the annual Birmingham Jazz Festival. It is offered by the University of Alabama at the College of Arts and Sciences in Birmingham, Alabama State University and Alabama University - Birmingham.

The city expanded its offering in 1997, when the Alys Stephens Center for the Performing Arts opened at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. It is home to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Auburn University Jazz Orchestra. The University of Alabama - Birmingham hosts many cultural events, such as the annual Birmingham Jazz Festival, as well as concerts and other events in the city centre.

The University of Alabama - Birmingham, founded in 1969, is a public university in which Birmingham has been involved since 1947 (not to be confused with UA, an hour's drive west). During this time it has also earned a reputation as one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, founded around 1969 and home to more than 1,000 students.

Since its inception, Birmingham has grown into a growing multicultural metropolis, and in the late 1960s it was home to the University of Alabama - Birmingham, the largest university in the United States. Although manufacturing still makes up a large part of the economy, it is known as a publishing power that diversifies it well. The city has begun to diversify in recent years, driven by efforts to attract the growth of universities like Alabama and Birmingham State University, as well as the creation of a number of new businesses.

Birmingham has become a leading arts centre in the South East, offering excellent facilities, emphasising art education and presenting numerous performances and exhibitions. Birmingham is home to the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, housed in the historic Carver Theatre, and offers a wide range of performances, lectures, workshops, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, etc. It hosts the annual Birmingham Jazz Festival as well as a number of other events such as the Birmingham Music Festival and the National Jazz Festivals.

Centrally located between Atlanta, Birmingham and Montgomery, this area is easy to reach and easier to love. Birmingham's pride and joy is the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex, which is home to the former Alabama State University football and basketball teams. It is home to the Steeldogs football team from Birmingham and regularly hosts prestigious national basketball events and championships. Legion Field is home to the University of Alabama-Birmingham football teams and hosts a number of other sporting events, including the Alabama Bowl and Alabama Women's National Championships.

The scenic ride up offers great views of the Alabama State Capitol and the Alabama State Capitol. No wonder Alabama is a sought-after place to live: Birmingham is home to many of Alabama's best universities, colleges, and hospitals, as well as a number of national and international corporations.

In Alabama, you will find a history that plays a key role in the development of the state's cultural heritage, from the early days of music to the present day. Alabama celebrates its burgeoning musical heritage and artists, as well as its rich history of cultural diversity.

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