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The annual Red Shoe Run in aid of the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Alabama is back for an exciting year. Birmingham Vegans has announced a virtual vegan festival that will go live on September 27, with live music, food trucks, vendors and more.

The Day - Free virtual event will take place on September 27 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Donations are welcome. From September 18 to 26, you can complete a 10-km or 5-km run and qualify for the Red Shoe Run in aid of the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Alabama. You can complete the 10k, 5k and 10k races at the same time, with an entry fee of $10 per race.

Oak Mountain State Park hosts its annual Lunch and Hike event starting at 5 a.m. for those who enjoy a rewarding hike and want to have lunch with their hiking colleagues. Options include a full spread from the food bar, which is delivered directly to your front door with special swag bags. If you want to have lunch with your fellow hikers, you can join a group for lunch. This event is open to all ages, but remember that this is an advanced hike with rough terrain and easy terrain. Please arrive at North Trailhead dressed in warm clothing with a torch in hand and arrive early to enjoy the rewarding walks.

There are 74 events planned for the 2020 calendar year, with an average of 6 fun events per month. Since then, we have been a non-profit organisation dedicated to people who like to be active in nature. The organization organizes and organizes events in beautiful places and in natural surroundings, such as hiking, biking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Participants can expect an additional bonus if they can purchase food presented by us. You can contact us for more information about our events in Birmingham, Alabama and other parts of the state.

Adult tickets start at $14.95 and are sold on a "first come, first served" basis to ensure social dissociation at the zoo. There is no entry fee, although you must wear a $40 T-shirt for the event and it will give you access to all future Fredricks Outdoor concerts. We meet at 7: 30 p.m. on the second floor of the Birmingham Convention Center and entry fees are $10 for adults and $5 for children under 18.

The whole family can enjoy the stalls with handicrafts and a children's corner with fun activities and games. Enjoy live music, food trucks, vendors, live entertainment and more at the Birmingham Convention Centre.

On September 12, enjoy live music, food trucks, vendors, live entertainment and more at the Birmingham Convention Centre at DeBardeleben Park. On 12 September, a day of food, entertainment, crafts, games and a children's corner with craft and games is waiting for you.

All proceeds from the Head Over Teal Run will enable the LCBF to develop GYN cancer programs for patients and caregivers. Even though the format is different from previous years, the run is fun and supports a wonderful cause. You can choose to participate on land or water and you are welcome, no matter which country and / or water you choose.

Participating in this SEO activity is a wonderful and easy way to make nice new friends who enjoy nature. Funding will be used to build 14 walking trails in Birmingham, providing outdoor and outdoor walking opportunities in different weather conditions. These paths are mostly flat roads and offer access to the parks, trails, parks and other public places of the city. It is a place where a simple walk can become a scenic experience that combines the urban and industrial suburbs with natural and preserved green spaces.

Join us for a day of hiking, cycling, camping, picnics and other outdoor activities in the beautiful city of Birmingham.

Host Fredricks Outdoor invites guests to feast on cooked crabs and enjoy live music from Logan Eads. The event is free, but you have the opportunity to support the zoo by purchasing various upgrade packages. For more information on upcoming events in the Birmingham area, visit and visit the website and social media. You can also go on excursions. Org to find out about upcoming excursions and read our events calendar for the next few weeks.

This may change, so please make suggestions if you have experienced the rise of the covid case or if your experience with it is changing.

Spring Valley School invites the people of Birmingham to come together and be active in a safe way and face the challenges of 2020.

Celebrate the amazing children of St. Jude by forming a team or participating solo and raising funds for charity. Once the fundraiser is over, lace up your favorite running shoes and go for a run or walk to support those directly affected by childhood cancer. Wear yellow, start your own team, support 20 small black businesses and raise money. Create and support the Black Business Alliance of Birmingham and the Birmingham Black Chamber of Commerce or support up to 20 of the smallest black businesses.

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