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The restaurant is a temple to the riches of the South and it will make you wonder why the haute cuisine of the South has not conquered the world. With classic dishes from the south enhanced with a touch of chef-cuisine, this will be the place that will finally prove to our snooty city-dwellers the unrepeatable value of Southern cuisine. Anthony Clemons' vision of serving Birmingham's community and health awareness has become a reality.

From tacos with guacamole to burritos with homemade salsa, this new restaurant concept must be put on Birmingham's bucket list immediately. There are over 100 dishes you can eat in Alabama before you die, but I wanted to make sure that this list includes both the old and the new. Here are 55 dishes that define the food landscape in Alabama, from the best to the worst.

To highlight places popular with Uber Eats users in Birmingham, Mr Chen's Authentic Chinese Restaurant is popular with Chinese, Hattie B's Chickenbe is popular with Chinese people for dinner, Little Italy Pizza & Pints is popular with Italians and Mr Chen's, an authentic Chinese restaurant, is also popular with Chinese people. Another way to discover restaurants In Birmingham, you will find our list of the most popular restaurants and restaurants with the best and worst restaurants.

Combine this classic style of cooking with local ingredients and you have secured one of Birmingham's most popular restaurants with a wide range of food. For a more extravagant dinner, Hattie B's is a great choice, with roast chicken liver and grilled fillet, served with peas and wild mushrooms. Traces of her southern roots can be found in her grilled conecuh sausages, but there's more to it than the traditional sausage and chicken.

The grill is remarkable throughout the state, especially ribs, but Memphis BBQ is always pork, always slow smoked and always with pork. In the north, a white BBQ sauce that looks like a combination of brown sugar, black pepper, garlic, salt and pepper is served and pressed in an Atlanta bakery that has been in use for years. The dish consists of juicy chicken marinated in sweet tea and fried in golden, crispy hamburger buns. Appalachia's is a layered pork in an ideally fried form - iron pan, with a sweet-sour sauce and a smoky-spicy sauce.

If you want to convince, simply try the Pulled Pork or the moist, crispy, skinned chicken that flies out of a shotgun with a beer shotgun.

Grab a homemade scone or frittata for the day and be sure to be well worth the wait in line.

Enjoy dishes from some of your favourite restaurants in Birmingham without having to make a reservation, or if you prefer to order something to take away, browse our list of restaurants in Birmingham that offer pick-up. With around 300 restaurants, including Starbucks and Surin West, you can secure a pick-up or order your food online.

Remember, there are bars in Birmingham, which means you can safely arrive early to sample the Low Country Boil, which is loaded with a wide selection of dishes from some of Birmingham's best restaurants and bars.

The Colonel is a recurring special that adds cheese and white sauce to a Sweet Tea Fried Chicken sandwich. The pork grits are creamy grains of cheese, tender collar vegetables, pulled pork bathed in a sweet and spicy sauce, and fried onions. Take your child's favourite gourmet and smear it on grilled Birmingham Breadworks bread or roasted pork belly with quince jelly.

The Chez Fonfon has a lot of choices, but it's hard to be disappointed by them. The burgers here are some of the best you'll find in Birmingham and the range of meats, cheeses, sauces, toppings and other food on the menu is superb. A smoky, flavoured, moist chicken surrounded by crisp golden skin, garnished with its typical white barbecue sauce from Alabama.

And then there is the possibility to buy locally grown, freshly harvested food with a selection of fresh produce from local farms and farmers.

Birmingham is surrounded by the lush farms of Alabama, and this is underscored by restaurants that turn local crops into farm to table meals. Despite the boiling urbanity of the city, the area still has its own culinary style and verve, especially in the city center.

One of the most ordered things in the restaurant and one of my favourite dishes is the white fried sandwich. Fried chicken, banana pudding, sweet potato fries or chicken and banana pudding all fit into this menu.

Dreamland originally served only ribs on white bread, but now there are a variety of dishes that are just as good. According to the Food Network, the dish I ate was fried chicken with banana pudding with sweet potato fries and a side of sweet potatoes and bananas.

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