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Did you know that Sheraton Birmingham BJCC is one of the most popular hotels in Birmingham, Alabama and the second largest hotel in the country? It is an eco-friendly hotel, with everything in downtown including the BJ CC Uptown, and a one-stop shop for everything from shopping and dining to entertainment and shopping.

After completion of the renovation work, the Sheraton and Westin hotels on the BJCC campus will have a total of 1050 rooms. The Sheraton Birmingham Hotel offers enough rooms for individual weddings and celebrations. The Birmingham Ballroom is divided into 12 separate function rooms, offering flexibility and versatility for any occasion. First of all, imagine the hotel as a great place for a casual party or a private party for business meetings.

Spa - such as bathrooms and comfortable rooms give guests a cozy place to feel comfortable and see what their time in Birmingham brings. As well as leisure facilities, Sheraton Hotel Downtown Birmingham also offers a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness centre and gym. To enhance the experience of guests at Sheraton Birmingham Hotel, guests can enjoy a wide range of wellness services, from massages and massage therapies to massages, pedicures, masseurs, hair and nail salons and much more.

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The entire hotel is provided with WIFI and has access to the WiFi system, but will not attempt to hide the fact that it is only available to guests with a valid credit card. If you have a departure and nothing appears on your outstanding credit from the hotel, you can talk to your bank and tell them there is nothing they can do about it. The representative will write down their Visa card information as soon as they are in the room

They said they could only phone the bank in a conference call to explain what had happened and hope they would release the funds. I told them I would call them back and see what my options were and they told me that they would carefully check the paperbook and destroy all electronic transactions. They told me they would "call back" and call my bank, but that was it.

I was told I had no money and could not buy food or petrol because my account was overdrawn. As this was a problem, I was unable to fulfil my work duties and had to travel back and forth without WIFI access to several restaurants on site.

So I called the Sheraton Hotel immediately and was told to check in on Monday, August 27th and to call back as the accounting team was away for the day. I asked if I could get my name and number and the agent assured me I would not be charged twice. After they put me on hold for a few minutes, they gave me a phone number to contact me to check in on Tuesday, August 28th. So the meeting was over so quickly, but I was not called back until Monday, August 29, as they wanted to continue their day off.

They also said that they could credit me for one night, but only for the first two nights of my stay.

I noticed that an additional $207.99 was being deducted from my account, so I had enough to cover the other transactions that were to come into the account. They asked me to wipe the allowance again, bringing my total stay to $138.66. That was about twice the fee, but I was credited with one night's stay for $69.33, even though I was away from the hotel for a whole weekend without Wifi access. Although they did not fully listen to my questions, they kept saying that I could keep my hotel as long as I stayed one more night in Birmingham, Alabama.

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