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At the bustling Pizza Food Hall, unos tacos are some of Birmingham's best tacos, tacos de guacamole and burritos. From fried chicken to chicken wings and tacos to dip in curry sauce, there's everything. Avondale Brewery has long been a popular meeting place for Birminghamians and, since nothing matches burger and beer better than beer, they now have a permanent food truck serving burgers from the backyard. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, barbecue ribs and more, as well as beer and wine.

The barbecue is remarkable throughout the state, especially ribs, but in the north there is a white BBQ sauce that is found only in this area. There are grilled conecuh sausages, fried chicken livers, pork ribs and more, and there are plenty of options for burgers and sandwiches as well as chicken wings and tacos.

The mix of Thai, American and Mexican chillies helped make the dish one of the eight savory dishes in Birmingham in August 2018. Spanish inspired restaurant in South America, but here you will find a true taste for the tropics with fried fish from the Gulf (often red), served in a variety of flavors, such as red peppers, red onions, avocado and more. This classic style of cooking is combined with locally grown ingredients to get the best of both worlds: fresh seafood, fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. That means that the menu includes charred, grilled and roasted items, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The burgers here are some of the best you can find in Birmingham, but the local places that keep bringing us back are the coffee, biscuits, grill and beer. Chez Fonfon has plenty of choices, and it even earned a spot on our August 2018 list of Alabama's best restaurants. Whether you live here, are visiting, or are a student going to school here, try these Alabama favorites.

Southern - deep fried food and a wide selection of beers and wines, as well as some of the best coffees in the state of Alabama.

Many of the places are currently open - for food and takeaway, so try them out, they're great. As soon as you walk up to Cafe Dupont and pull over, you will be treated to the best food and drink in town, as well as a wide selection of beers and wines.

Grab a homemade scone or frittata for the day and you've done your job for you when it's time to order. I promise you, the food is worth waiting in line for, but it's definitely worth it.

We have a group with an unusually healthy appetite and wanted to try something new to try the other American diner in Alabama. SAW is best known for its Pulled Pork and Smoked Chicken, which can be served on a plate or in a sandwich or stuffed into a giant potato. They call this £3 monster the best steak in town, and it's worth every penny.

Remember, this is a bar in Birmingham, which means you're more likely to come here to try out its loaded low country boil than to go to a more upscale, casual place to eat. El Barrio does it all right and 92% of reviews offer the best Mexican food in Birmingham. Chez Fonfon is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Birmingham with a 91% rating and is located in the heart of downtown Birmingham on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, just blocks from the city center.

While the restaurant prides itself on being a steak and fish restaurant, locals swarm out to the cafeteria to queue for a kneeling selection of fried fish, chicken, shrimp and other seafood. Get a taste of Jamaica with the popular Sunday Jazz Brunch and choose from the many options on the menu, such as jambalaya, jalapeno salad or shrimps and grits. Whether you choose breakfast cheeseburgers or caramelized apple beignets, you won't be overwhelmed by a menu that includes a wide variety of breakfast items, from breakfast cheeseburgers to a caramelized apple beignet that makes you feel like you're in New Orleans "Bourbon Street.

Helen's, one of Birmingham's best new restaurants, has opened its doors and has been delivering excellent quality for the past two years. There is also a man called Angel Negrin who hosts Church Night at a dive bar called Lou's Pub, which is also home to a variety of local food trucks and other local shops.

Birmingham is surrounded by lush farms in Alabama, and this is underscored by restaurants turning local crops into farm-to-table meals. Loosely based on the old, contemporary restaurants of New Orleans and New York City, these restaurants embrace the immense abundance of the Gulf Coast. If you're looking for a place to relax with a good cocktail or wine, or enjoy some good pancakes and coffee, there are a few restaurants in Birmingham, Alabama that will give you the best time you could wish for.

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